Devin Moran Masters MCS for $10,000 Jim Dunn Memorial Win!
(July 24, 2021) The Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model Northern Series would be in action at Muskingum County Speedway in Zanesville, OH on Saturday evening for the 39th Annual Jim Dunn Memorial and Devin Moran would lead all forty circuits of the contest on the way to a $10,000 victory and the victory would also be the second win for Moran as part of the Sunoco Race Fuels $10,000 Plus Challenge Mini-Series.

The victory by Moran was his second career Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model Northern Series victory and be his second of the season as well. The 26-year old Moran would take the win in a Longhorn Chassis powered by a Clements Race Engine that carries sponsorship from Tye Twarog Performance Parts, C and W Trucking, Big D’s Pizza, Tommy Pope Construction, M and M Painting and Construction, Accu-Force Dynos and Testers, Eddie’s Auto, Muskingham County Speedway, VP Racing Fuels, and Bilstein.

Devin Moran would take the lead at the start of the 39th Jim Dunn Memorial main event, with R.J. Conley, Jacob Hawkins, Ryan Montgomery, and Gregg Satterlee giving chase. Satterlee would work past Montgomery for fourth on lap two, but the caution would one as the field started working lap three for a four-car tangle in turn one involving Michael Chilton, Dustin Nobbe, Todd Brennan, and Zack Dohm, with Nobbe and Dohm done for the night. The restart would also see the caution wave immediately once again when Brennan and Ted Nobbe would tangle in turn two. This restart would see Moran maintain the lead, with R.J. Conley, Jacob Hawkins, and Satterlee second through fourth, while Mason Zeigler would take fifth from Montgomery. The third caution of the event one circuit later when Colton Burdette would spin his machine in turn two. The top five would remain the same on this restart, with Moran quickly putting some distance back to second-place running R.J. Conley. As Moran started lapping slower cars on lap eleven, Jacob Hawkins would challenge R.J. Conley for second and take the spot on lap fourteen.

The final caution would appear on lap eighteen for a car over the banking in turn one and two. For what would be the final restart, the front five would remain the same, with Satterlee immediately pressuring R.J. Conley for the third position and would gain the spot on lap nineteen. Zeigler would fire a slidejob on R.J. Conley and take the fourth position on lap twenty-one, while Moran continued to maintain a comfortable over Jacob Hawkins. As Moran would begin working lapped traffic once again on lap twenty-eight, Jacob Hawkins would begin to reel in Moran, closing the lead to 0.523 seconds at one point, however, Moran would get through a large group on traffic perfectly and quickly stretch his lead back to 1.200 seconds by lap thirty-three. Jared Hawkins would close on fifth-place running R.J. Conley and would take the final position in the top five on lap thirty-four. Moran would go unchallenged the remainder of the way and see the checkered flag first, with Jacob Hawkins finishing second, while Satterlee would finish third. Zeigler and Jared Hawkins would complete the top-five finishers. Rounding out the top ten would be Rod Conley, Ryan Montgomery, Todd Brennan, R.J. Conley, and Michael Chilton.

Valvoline Iron-Man Late Model Series
1. 9-Devin Moran[1]; 2. 37-Jacob Hawkins[2]; 3. 22S-Gregg Satterlee[7]; 4. 25Z-Mason Zeigler[5]; 5. 11J-Jared Hawkins[8]; 6. 71R-Rod Conley[15]; 7. 12-Ryan Montgomery[3]; 8. 20-Todd Brennan[14]; 9. 71C-RJ Conley[4]; 10. 97-Michael Chilton[12]; 11. 1X-Rex Slaughter[18]; 12. 20TC-Tristan Chamberlain[21]; 13. 10-Nathon Loney[24]; 14. 9N-Ted Nobbe[22]; 15. 42R-Doug Dodd[20]; 16. C9-Steve Casebolt[9]; 17. 777-Doug Drown[10]; 18. 14-Corey Conley[16]; 19. 22-Greg Oaks[19]; 20. 44-Colten Burdette[11]; 21. 0S-Steve Prince[23]; 22. 17-Zack Dohm[6]; 23. 5N-Dustin Nobbe[13]; 24. (DNS) 28-Tyler Carpenter

COR®BON Ammunition Modifieds
1. 101-Jesse Wisecarver[1]; 2. 22-Evan Seitz[7]; 3. 39-Max Harmon[9]; 4. 99-CJ Kinneer[2]; 5. 99D-Derek Davis[12]; 6. 9-Kevin Crawford[11]; 7. 57-BJ Cannon[15]; 8. 39S-Ronald Schmitt[10]; 9. 45-Sam Lovejoy[5]; 10. 15-Kurt Rogers[3]; 11. 55S-Rick Schmitt[20]; 12. 88-Barry Jacobs[19]; 13. 17-Darick Schneider[13]; 14. 7-Joshua Waite[16]; 15. 76J-Jeremy Waite[6]; 16. 17E-Lance Elson[4]; 17. 21R-Randy Bauknecht[14]; 18. P11-Tim Penley[8]; 19. (DNS) 5V-Clark VanHouten; 20. (DNS) S25-Pete Caplinger; 21. (DNS) 101T-Tyler Sines

TM Garage Doors Mod-Lites
1. P11-Justin Pierce[3]; 2. 59M-Tanner McLoughlin[2]; 3. 11H-Darrick Hubbard Jr[6]; 4. 26-Reece Bollinger[4]; 5. CB34-Ty Myers[10]; 6. 99B-Joe Burkhead[11]; 7. 19-Darrell Mayer[7]; 8. 11C-Carson Hubbard[16]; 9. 84-Titus Purtee[14]; 10. CB0-Tim Callahan[5]; 11. MC44-Jim McClelland[22]; 12. 9-Dustin Kolanski[8]; 13. 1/2-Kara Kimes[18]; 14. 45-Andrew Heskett[13]; 15. 90-Ken Brooks[17]; 16. 2-Kacy Campbell[23]; 17. M1-Brett Mellor[9]; 18. 36-Steve Baldwin[19]; 19. 29J-Jason Duncil[25]; 20. 95-Levi Bowen[20]; 21. 1-Blake Morris[1]; 22. 44-Levi Lease[12]; 23. 48-Shawn Wince[15]; 24. 29C-Cameron Duncil[21]; 25. 21-Kody McManes[24]

DMR Driving School Sport Mods
1. L19-Larry Holbrook[2]; 2. 14-Jason Brennan[3]; 3. 1*-Ryan Commeans[1]; 4. 7W-Steve Wolford[13]; 5. 32M-Cameron Miller[8]; 6. 60-Dwight Henry[5]; 7. 71-Dakota Carpenter[12]; 8. J13-Joseph Chambers[16]; 9. 0-Tim Morris[14]; 10. 37-Craig Mann[10]; 11. 10X-Roscoe Greiner[18]; 12. 69-Ryan Robey[9]; 13. 26M-Marcus Collart[7]; 14. 309-Norm Aronhalt[4]; 15. 12L-Landin Wetzel[6]; 16. 7T-Tristan Tucker[15]; 17. 27-Dan Disinger[17]; 18. 25S-Tim Siddle[11]; 19. TJ9-TJ Enos[19]; 20. 14G-Josh Gaymen[20]; 21. 3-Jake Neff[21]

High Side Apparel 4-Cylinders
1. 8-Chris Dyer[2]; 2. 777-Howard Rock Jr[3]; 3. 15-Zach Medley[1]; 4. J27-Danny Hutchins[4]; 5. 5-Jacob Hughes[29]; 6. 19-Danny Moss[7]; 7. *37-Travis Gamble[9]; 8. 310-Roy Aronhalt[13]; 9. 77X-Jeff Keith[17]; 10. 60-Nickolas Duston[5]; 11. 60C-Michael Chappman[10]; 12. 4HL-Thomas Wilson[16]; 13. 20-Kevin Hook[23]; 14. 14M-Terry Medley[25]; 15. C3-Chase Dewitt[21]; 16. 19W-Charles Wells[15]; 17. JD40-Joshua Dennis[18]; 18. 34F-Darin Thornsley[8]; 19. 4D-Kaden DeWitt[11]; 20. D26-JR Dermer[20]; 21. 413-John Newell[14]; 22. 17-Hunter Suttles[24]; 23. T3-Bret Ball[19]; 24. 72-Carl Baker[6]; 25. 21B-Jeremy Balsley[12]; 26. 143-Brent Vallee Jr[22]; 27. T48-Thomas Bigham[26]; 28. 22-Mike Carnes[27]; 29. 85-Eric Suttles[28]; 30. 45-Robert Frohnapfel[30]; 31. 75X-Chris Gaunder[31]; 32. 7N-Justin Novaria[32]




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