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Gregg Saterlee steals the show in the LoDLMS event! Parker, Commeans, Wolford, James all take home wins!

Zanesville, Ohio (July, 3rd 2018) Gregg Satterlee was in complete control from the start of the 50-lap Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series main event on Tuesday night at Muskingum County Speedway. With the dominating victory, Satterlee becomes the 13th different winner this year on the LOLMDS tour and the 12th different winner in 13 appearances at the Donnie Moran-promoted facility.

Satterlee jumped to the lead at the start of the main event and never looked back. There was only one caution that slowed the field and that was with 11 laps remaining. On the restart, Satterlee pulled away again from Darrell Lanigan and went on for the convincing win - his second career on the LOLMDS tour.

Lanigan finished in second with current LOLMDS points leader Jonathan Davenport taking third. Josh Richards and Hudson O’Neal completed the top five drivers.

“It’s been a long-time coming. It’s so tough to win a race against these guys. You have to take them when they are there. We have struggled this year, but recently we have been running better. My crew chief Robbie Allen and the rest of the crew have worked hard to turn this thing around. It’s great to win in front of my family here tonight. My dad, wife, and new daughter are here. This is my daughter’s first visit to victory lane. There was a great crowd here tonight and I hope the fans enjoyed the show.”

Richards ran in second-place for the first two laps until Lanigan went by him. Lanigan then ran in the runner-up slot the remainder of the race. On the final restart of the race Lanigan was lined up beside his Clint Bowyer teammate Don O’Neal. On the restart O’Neal slipped over the edge of the race track forcing him to lose several positions after climbing to as high as third in the running order.

“It was a good weekend for the Clint Bowyer Team,” said Lanigan who completed his second straight top-five in the LOLMDS. “Don [O’Neal] had two wins and we have two top fives. Hopefully we have turned the corner and can finish the season strong.”

Davenport, who started 10th made a late-race charge to finish third and maintain the series points lead. “We aren’t really worried about the points right now. We just wanted a good finish. We had a good car last night at Sharon and tonight things sort of fell our way tonight and we were able to get a podium finish. I think we can get back on track to where we were earlier in the season. We have a good car. Now we get to head down south to tracks I have run quite a bit, so we will see what happens.”

The winner’s Gary Satterlee-owned Rocket Chassis is powered by a Durham Racing Engine and sponsored by: Satterlee Petroleum Distributors, Keyser Manufacturing, Valvoline, Classic Ink, AFCO, and Integra.

Completing the top ten were Jimmy Owens, Mason Zeigler, Bobby Pierce, Eddie Carrier Jr., and Tim McCreadie.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Tuesday, June 3, 2018
McHugh Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat 50
Muskingum County Speedway – Zanesville, OH

Miller Welders Time Trials
Fast Time Group A: Josh Richards / 15.439 seconds (overall)
Fast Time Group B: Bobby Pierce / 15.528 seconds

Eibach Springs Heat Race #1 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Josh Richards, Don O'Neal, Ryan Fenech, Dennis Erb, Jr., Austin Rettig, Jerry Aber, Doug Drown, Larry Holbrook

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Devin Moran, Mason Zeigler, Rod Conley, Kyle Bronson, Shane McLoughlin, Matt Cosner, Brian Baumberger

Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Gregg Satterlee, Bobby Pierce, Jonathan Davenport, Scott Bloomquist, Earl Pearson, Jr., Cameron Pearson, Jason Jameson, Craig Wolford

QA1 Heat Race #4 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Darrell Lanigan, Hudson O'Neal, Jimmy Owens, Tim McCreadie, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Rob Anderzack, Kyle Moore

Penske Racing Shocks B-Main #1 Finish (12 Laps, Top 6 Transfer): Earl Pearson, Jr., Eddie Carrier, Jr., Austin Rettig, Doug Drown, Rob Anderzack, Jason Jameson, Matt Cosner, Cameron Pearson, Shane McLoughlin, Brian Baumberger, Cody Endlich, Jerry Aber, Kyle Moore, Craig Wolford, Larry Holbrook

Lucas Oil Feature: Saterlee, Lanigan, Davenport, Richards, H. O'Neal, Owens, Zeigler, Pierce, Carrier, McCreadie, Moran, D.O'Neal, Bronson, Drown, Conley, Erb. Jr., Fenech, Rettig, Bloomquist, Anderzack, Pearson Jr., Cosner, Jameson, Wolford


Zemba Brothers Inc. Modifieds (22 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps/$1,200 to win) Cody Parker, Jesse Wisecarver, Jimmy Smith, Jess Hartman, Brock Moskey, Bob Page, Casey Fritz, Robin Duston, Larry Jarrett, Mitch Bosich, Randy Bauknect, Derek Davis, Darrick Hubbard, Richard Brobb, Ronnie Schmitt, Rex Slaughter, Nathan Loney, Bob Moskey, Tyler French, Virgil, Eaches, BJ Cannon


B&H Trucking Sport Mods (18 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Ryan Commeans, James Dennis, Todd Brennan, Dwight Henry, Kendall Hodge, Josh Davis, Jason, Schott, Nathan Drake, CJ Kinneer, Tristan Tucker Hod Brennan


DMR Street Stocks (15 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Steve Wolford, John Wilson, Dustin Smith, Kyle Michalo, TJ Perine, Rob Smith, Justin Poling, AJ Cannon, Mike McElrory, Paul Holmes, Alan Hickson, Rusty Redman, Tim Penley, Tyler Sines, Josh Shaw


DMR 4cyl. (16 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Jordan James, Blake Morris, Darrin Thornsley, Michael Beckert, Jeff Rust, Mason Mader, Luke Sims, Jeremy Balsley, Tim Morris, Wes Staley, Shawn Scott, Howard Rock Jr., Joe Slaughter, Wayne Newberry, John Schooler, Steve Baldin, Luke Sims

Kyle Moore wins in a thriller at MCS on opening night!

It was a packed house for the second event of 2018 at Donnie Moran's Muskingum County Speedway as 110 cars checked into the pits with a packed house in the grandstands as racing action kicked off with 6 classes taking the racing surface. Kyle Moore took home the win in the Late Models in a while feature which features thrills and spills and a first time winner.

Jesse Wisecarver dominated the Modified feature event leading flag to flag over Daniel Hill and Casey Fritz.

John Wilson won the took home the Street Stock feature with Tanner McLoughlin winning the Mod Lite Feature, Jason Schott and Dwigt Henry split the Sport Mod features, and Howard Rock dominated both 4cy. features.


Arizona Sport Shirts Late Models (31 Cars)

(Feature/25 Laps/$2,000 to win) Kyle Moore, Jeremy Berwanger, Doug Dodd, Keremy Misel, Ryan, Larry Holbrook, Larry Bellman, Casey Burdette, Devin Louis, Jerry Aber, Shane McLoughlin, Ross Nicasitry, Craig Wolford, Cameron Hague, John Wyer, Derek Doll, Ben Mott, Anthony Musolinp, Anthony Kinkade, Rick Mardis


Zemba Brothers Inc. Modifieds (21 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps/$1,200 to win) Jesse Wisecarver, Daniel Hill, Casey Fritz, Jess Hartman, Rex Slaughter, Jimmy Smith, Kevin Crawford, Tyler Sines, Tim Penley, David Bodkins, Donald Writesel, Tom Ungreen, BJ Cannon, Kevin Morehouse, Clark VanHouten, Derek Davis, Scott Peltz, Pete Coplinger, Virgil Eaches


Donnie Moran Racing Street Stocks (13 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) John Wilson, Rusty Redman, Steve Wolford, Rob Smith, Jeff Penley, Justin Poling, Allen Hixon, A.J. Cannon, Larry Jarrett, Mike McElrory, Tim Coen, Kyle Minchato, Josh Shaw


Denny's Mod Lites (13 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Tanner McLoughlin, Tracy Friter, Jimmy Smith, Barry Jacobs, Levi Lease, Chris Robinson, Brandon Shaw, Joey Sisk, Logan Lewis, TIm Maharg, Keith Smith, David Innes


B&H Truck Center Sport Mods (11 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Dewight Henry, Wayne Shaw, CJ Kinner, Hod Brennan, Scott Smith, Josh Smythe, Tristan Tucker, Jason Schott


B&H Truck Center Sport Mods | Rain Out (11 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Jason Schott, Dwight Henry, Wayne Shaw, Scott Smith, Chase Sampson, Kevin Miller, Josh Smythe, Josh Davis, Todd Brennan, CJ Kinneer, Hod Brennan


Muskingum County 4cyl. | Make Up Feautre (21 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Howard Rock, Darin Thornsley, Kevin Graap, Joe Sloughter, Dale Bateson, Mike Becker, Jeff Rust, Scott Archer, Blake Morris, John Schooler, David Dooley, Jeremy Baisley, Shawn Scott


Muskingum County 4cyl. (21 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Howard Rock, Jim Morris Jeremy Baisley, Blake Morris, Kevin Graao, Joe Sloughter, Jaret Mercer, Jeff Rust, Mike Beckert, Scott Archer, Rashana Mercer, Luke Sims, Joshua Johnson, Dale Bateson, Daris Thornsley, Steve Baldwin, Shawn Scott

Scott Bloomquist sweeps July Fourth Holiday Specials by taking home the win on Sunday Night!

(July, 4th 2016) Scott Bloomquist pulled off a clean sweep of Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series racing in the State of Ohio this Independence weekend, winning the Lumi-Lite Candle Co. 60 on Sunday Night at Muskingum County Speedway. Over the course of two nights, Bloomquist collected over $24,000 in winnings.

Bloomquist started third in the 60-lap main event and fell back to fifth on the opening lap. He gradually made his way to the front, taking the lead from Don O’Neal on lap 33. Bloomquist went on to the victory, and extended his series points lead.

O’Neal finished second, followed by Jared Landers, Earl Pearson Jr., and Brandon Sheppard.

‘We put on some tires that were a little older. It took them a while to get going. Once they did, they were pretty good. The car was good. The engine ran super; I’d like to thank Andy Durham for that. We had a really good weekend,” said the 52-year-old 2-time series champion, who became the first driver in the eleven appearances by the LOLMDS at the track to become a repeat winner.

“I wasn’t that concerned when we fell back a few spots early on. Everybody was really punishing their tires and I didn’t want to. I just tried to get some heat in them immediately, I could tell each restart we would get a little better, and eventually we were able to get the lead,” said the driver of the Reece Monument Company, Crop Production Services, Sweet-Bloomquist entry.

Landers bolted out front and led the first 18 circuits until O’Neal charged to the point. O’Neal then held the top spot until lap 33 when Bloomquist forged ahead for good.

“Don got by Jared and I thought Jared was going to get back around him. There was some pretty hard racing up there for the lead. The track was pretty good tonight. You could race all over it. The way that the track started out; with all that loose stuff piled up and real muddy; is why we elected not to hot lap. Usually this track does blow off and slick over, especially around the top. The top stayed really good and smooth,” said Bloomquist in Lucas Oil Victory Lane.

O’Neal was looking for his first series win of the season. He had the Clint Bowyer Racing/Peak Antifreeze and Motor Oil car in contention for the win from the start of the race. “I thought I was going to get this Peak car in victory lane tonight. My hat’s off to the Zero Team. We made some changes today after last night. We started up front and couldn’t stay there. Tonight we passed some cars, so we did a lot better tonight.”

Landers followed up his runner-up finish at Portsmouth with another podium finish at Muskingum County. “We got off to a really good start. I kind of got lost after a while. I took off on one of the restarts and left the bottom open for Don. He [O’Neal] had a good car. He needed a good run. Scott just showed us all, but I hung on for third.

“I want to thank Crop Production Services and Mark Martin Automotive. This place is always packed out! I am just glad to be able to run strong in front of this many people, hopefully we made some new fans here tonight.”

Completing the top ten were Dennis Erb Jr., Steve Casebolt, Steve Francis, Rod Conley and Mike Benedum.

In preliminary action, Steve Casebolt set the overall Miller Welders Fast Time (Group A) amongst the 29 entrants, with a lap of 14.629 seconds. Jared Landers set the fastest time in Group B with a time of 14.962 seconds. Tim McCreadie, Scott Bloomquist, Jared Landers, and Jimmy Owens won their respective heat races. Steve Francis won the B-Main.


Lucas Oil Dirt Late Models sponsored by Lumi-Lite (32 Cars)

Miller Welders Fast Time Group A: Steve Casebolt / 14.629 seconds (NTR)
Miller Welders Fast Time Group B: Jared Landers / 14.962 seconds

Eibach Springs Heat Race #1 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Tim McCreadie, Jonathan Davenport, Brandon Sheppard, Mike Benedum, Steve Francis, Doug Kenworthy, Matthew Wade, Steve Casebolt

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Scott Bloomquist, Don O'Neal, Devin Moran, Tyler Carpenter, Tim Dohm, Sonny Conley, Scott Smith

Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Jared Landers, Earl Pearson, Jr., Doug Drown, Rod Conley, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Colton Flinner, Michael Davis

QA1 Heat Race #4 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): Jimmy Owens, Dennis Erb, Jr., Larry Bellman, Jr., Craig Wolford, Chris Cowling, Darrell Lanigan, John Wyer

Fast Shafts B-Main #1 Finish (12 Laps, Top 6 Transfer): Steve Francis, Steve Casebolt , Darrell Lanigan, Tim Dohm , Michael Davis, Eddie Carrier, Jr., John Wyer, Sonny Conley, Chris Cowling, Doug Kenworthy, Scott Smith, Matthew Wade


(Feature/60 Laps/$12,000 to win) Bloomquist, O'Neal, Landers, Pearson, Sheppard, Erb, Casebolt, Francis, Conley, Benedum, McCreadie, Lanigan, Davenport, Carpenter, Owens, Conley, Moran, Bellman, Drown, Wolford, Dohm, Carrier, Davis, Flinner


Zemba Brothers Inc. Modifieds (18 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps/$1,000 to win) Jacob Hawkins, Jesse Wisecarver, Tanner Wilson, Aaron Scott, Kevin Morehouse, John Sluka, Ryan Wisecarver, Nathan Loney, Tyler French, Dwight Henry, Harrison Hall, Kevin Crawford, Tom Ungurean, Brad Goff, Robin Duston, Derrick Hubbard, Kenny Johnson, Jimm


Muskingum County Street Stocks (15 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) A.J. Cannon, Steve Wolford, Larry Jarrett, Justin Poling, Tyler Sines, Tim Coen, Jeff Penley, Tim Penley, Bad Eagle, Shannon Penley, Matt Shroyer, Tim Glassburn, Rick Isner, Trent Goins, Hod Brennan


Denny's Dinner 4 Cylinders (9 Cars)

(Feature/20 laps) Dennis Adkins, Brent Valee Jr., David Pooley, Michael Linn, Rich McMullen, Dale Bateson, Ronnie McCoin, Mike Beckert, John Schooler

Muskingum County Speedway

Devin Moran takes home the Jim Dunn Qualifier Busch 30! Jesse Wisecraver takes home the Mod win!

(June, 17th 2016) Mother nature finally opened up this past weekend and allowed for a great night of racing as Muskingum County Speedway finally celebrated the 2016 season opener. The event was held on Friday as a Jim Dunn Qualifier race for Saturday Nights Jim Dunn Memorial at Ohio Valley Speedway.

The Arizona Sport Shirts Late Model Division saw Fast Qualifier and heat race winner Devin Moran start from the pole and dominate the 30 lap feature event sponsored by Busch Beer. Devin had little challenges and nearly had a half a track lead at all times as he took home the $2,000 top prize and guaranteed starting spot in the Jim Dunn Memorial on Saturday night at Ohio Valley Speedway.

The Zemba Brothers Inc. Modified division saw Jesse Wisecarver use an early race restart to his advantage and got around Tanner Wilson to win the first night of racing action at Muskingum County Speedway. Wilson would have his hands full for second place as Kevin Morehouse applied consistent pressure for the runner up spot. In the end Wilson would hold off Morehouse for second with Aaron Scott coming home fourth and Rick Auckland rounded out the top five.

Other racing action on night one included the always exciting Street Stock division as Rusty Redman took home top honors on opening night. The Denny's Dinner 4 Cylinder division saw John Schooler parking his machine in victory lane as Tracy Fritter won the Modlite division.

Racing action resumes at Muskingum County Speedway on July 3rd as the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series comes into town for the $12,000 to win event sponsored by Lumi-Lite Candle Co. Inc. Also running on July 3rd will be the Zemba Bros. Inc Modifieds, Muskingum County Street Stocks, and Denny's Dinner 4 Cylinders! We will also have the areas best Fireworks Display on hand to celebrate the Fourth of July!

We hope to see you all Sunday Night!


Arizona Sport Shirts Late Models (19 Cars)

(Feature/30 Laps/$2,000 to win) Devin Moran, Steve Prince, Michael Davis, Anthony Kinkade, Craig Wolford, Greg Baumberger, Randy Davis, Matt Wade, Jerry Aber, Kevin Smith, Dan Snyder, Shane McLoughlin, Doug Kenworthy, Hiram Bachmann, Brian Baumberger, Shane Campbell, Scott Smith, Ashlee Todd, Cody Endlich


Zemba Brothers Inc. Modifieds (18 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps/$1,000 to win) Jesse Wisecarver, Tanner Wilson, Kevin Morehouse, Aaron Scott, Rick Auckland, Bob Moskey, Nathan Loney, Brad Goff, Chris Basich, Casey Fritz, Brock Moskey, Tom Ungurean, Kevin Crawford, Rex Slaughter, KC Burdette, Larry Moran, CJ Crossan, Randy Pennington


Muskingum County Street Stocks (15 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Rusty Redman, Justin Poling, Tyler Sines, Steve Wolford, Hod Brennan, Jeff Penley, Tim Penley, Larry Jarrett, Shannon Penley, Tony Wilson, Tink Wilson, Dustin Smith, Tim Glassburn


Muskingum County Modlites (9 Cars)

(Feature/20 Laps) Tracey Fritter, Joey Sisk, Andrew Heskett, Larry Moran, Kacy Campbell, Tanner McLoughlin, Brandon Shaw, Tim Maharg


Denny's Dinner 4 Cylinders (10 Cars)

(Feature/20 laps) John Schooler, Michael Linn, Dave Dooley, Brent Vallee Jr., Dale Bateson, Rich McMullen, Jeff Schneider, Tyler Frankenberry, Kevin Snider


Mother Nature takes home the win on Opening Night ...

(April, 30th 2016) Mother nature has not been kind at all this season and she did not give any slack on Saturday either. Presistant rains, cool weather, and a non-favorable forecast have caused Muskingum County Speedway to cancel their season opener this Saturday.

The next race is planned for May 21st and will be the annual Muskingum County Speedway Memorial as we honor our past heros that are no longer with us. The Arizona Sport Shirts Late Models will be in the running order and the other classes will be announced in the next few days.

Dont forget that the gates will open at 4:00pm for the pits and 5:00pm for the main grandstands with racing scheduled for 7:00pm. We hope that you all come out as we make another attempt to open our 2016 racing season!




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