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2023 Muskingum County Speedway Rule Book
Raceceivers are MANDATORY in ALL Divisions!

Super Late Models
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Body Rules CLICK HERE
Tire Rule: Hoosier NLMT2 or LM20 with a RR option of NLMT3 or LM 30; American Racer 44 and Harder

UMP DIRTcar Series Body Rules CLICK HERE
Tire Rule: Hoosier 30 with 60 RR Option

Street Stocks
1. Safety: Four or five point safety belts and shoulder harness required. SFI approved full fire suit. Helmets are required and must be Snell SA95 or newer. Helmet must be worn at all times while car is on the track and must accompany vehicle at time of inspection. No open face helmets at all. Belts must be mounted to cage. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked off or on. 360 degree drive shaft loop is required and must be constructed of at least .25 inches by two inch steel and should be mounted six inches back from front of drive shaft. Drive shaft must be painted white. All cars must have an aluminum racing seat fastened to roll cage. Not bolted to the floor board. Neck collar is mandatory and must be worn anytime the car is on the track. Seat belt must be dated, within three years. No Exceptions. Car must have fire extinguisher, with gauge, properly mounted and not taped. No Exceptions.

2. Frame: Stock OEM frames only, may have tube frame from center of rear end housing to rear bumper. Unibodies must have front and rear frame s tied together. Must have a front and rear bumper and may not extend past the finders and must be capped. All ballast must be painted white with car number. Ballast must be securely mounted. (101 in wheel base min.)

3. Roll Cage: Must have a full perimeter four post role cage with a diagonal cross bar behind driver. Must have kickers in front and rear. Must have one cross bar in halo. Roll cage must be securely welded to frame. Tubing must be a min. of .095in and at least 1 ½ outside diameter. Must have a min. of three door bar s with four uprights off of frame to top door bar on the driver side. Must have driver door protection plate with a min. of .125 thickness. Must have front and rear tow hooks.

4. Fuel: Gasoline only. NO alcohol. NO electric fuel pumps. Must have a fuel cell that is a top feed only. Must be securely fastened to the frame/cage. Must be mounted in all steel. NO aluminum strap. Fuel cell must be mounted above the center of the rear end differential. Check valve recommended. Fuel lines that run through driver compartment must be in steel pipe or conduit.

5. Brakes: Single piston steel calipers on all four wheels and must work during time of inspection.

6. Wheels and Tires: Maximum 15x8 steel wheel. May run any type of racing tire. Maximum of 9in. tread pattern. (NO tolerance) Bead lock on right side only.

7. Steering and Suspension: Must be stock style suspension an d match to the frame. Trailing arms must remain solid; springs must remain in stock location. Jack bolts allowed. Min. of a 5in. spring. No composite leaf springs. Fix bearing shocks only. Must use stock style lower control arms. Tubular uppers a lowed. Trailing arms must mount in stock location. No altering. No birdcages. Must use stock style steering components. All suspension mounts must remain in stock location. Maximum track width 78in. (Outside to Outside of tire)

8. Drive Train: May run any style transmission. No quick change rear ends. Ford 9in rear end allowed in all vehicles. Floater rear ends allowed. Drive shaft must be painted white.

9. Body: Must look like production car body that matches the frame. No wedge noses like a late model. Aluminum or steel bodies only. All bodies must have OEM appearing body lines. Cock pits are allow but must sealed on all four sides. . Hood and trunk lids must be securely fastened. Max of 7 inch spoiler on rear deck. Decking allowed but must remain flat from side to side. Max. 3in slope from firewall to rear of car. Side supports no longer than 12 inches. No external rub
rails. Min. of three windshield bars. Window net recommended. All glass, plastic, upholstery, rear seat, lights, mirrors and chrome must be removed. Front and rear of car must be enclosed.

10. Engine: All steel engines only. May run an aluminum intake. One single carburetor. 1in. or shorter spacer only. (gasket and all) No magnetos. No belt driven or electric fuel pumps. Fuel pump must be stock style mounted to engine. Number one spark plug must be in front or in line with top ball joint. No weed burners. All over flow tubes must be directed to the ground, inside frame rail or to catch can. Engine must have and starter and be able to start within driver compartment. Engine must be naturally aspirated. No supercharger or turbo.

1. Any NON turbo, Front Wheel Drive 4 cylinder.

2. 2 or 4 doors cars allowed, doors must be welded or bolted shut.

3. You must remove all flammable material except the front seat and dashboard.

4. Racing seat is required. Neck brace mandatory no exceptions.

5. Must have at least 4 point harness belts.

6. Car must be completely stock.

7. You must remove all glass, molding, plastics & chrome trim.

8. Must have 4 point roll bar, welded to plates and bolted to floor and roof securely fastened. Must be 1 1/2in. or bigger tubing.

9. Must have at least 3 door bars in driver’s side and 2 door bar in passenger’s side of car.

10. Must have 3 window bars in front on drivers side.

11. Roll bar must be padded in driver’s area.

12. Cars must be painted and lettered neatly, number must be 18"min. and numbers must be on both doors. If number is not legible from score tower, car will not receive points or pay from that night events.

13. Approved racing helmet is required. Snell Sa90 or Snell Sa95 or newer. NO open face helmets are allowed. Helmet must be worn at all times the car is on the track. Neck collar is mandatory and must be worn anytime car is on the track. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

14. A fire retardant race suit is required. Working fire extinguisher is required.

15. Tires must be DOT tires.

16. All batteries must be securely mounted.

17. Welding or locking of the differentials will be optional.

18. Other than that, the rest of the vehicle MUST REMAIN COMPLETELY STOCK.

Muskingum County Speedway runs the same rules as TUSA except for the following changes:

1. Weight: 1,325

2. Wheels & Tires: Up to 8” wheels and rims.

3. Tire Rule: American Racer GT 44 and 48 or Hoosier TUSA and Stars

Sport Mods
UMP DIRTcar Series Body Rules CLICK HERE
Tire Rule: Hoosier 30 with 60 RR Option





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